Thursday, September 18, 2014

Feeling Grateful

These are a few photos of our escapades today while visiting my brother and sister in law. Tonight I was reflecting on the day and just feeling so thankful to be a stay at home mom (SAHM). It is so wonderful to be able to spend everyday w/ Stella. Of course there are days where you feel like you need a break but overall I wouldn't want to miss this time w/ her for anything in the world. I love how much time being a SAHM allows for you to visit family, serve others and be your child's full time support. Today was one of those warm late summer afternoons where the kids ran around in there bathing suits (after running through the sprinklers) while Emily and I sat on the driveway and talked about life. It was kind of magical.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ice cream

Nothing better than an ice cream cone on a hot day

Monday, September 15, 2014

Family night at the park

The weather today was amazing; warm w/ a slight breeze, perfect really. So we took advantage of it and had a picnic in the park tonight. After we ate dinner we found a little grove of trees and had Family Home Evening and talked about and got excited for general conference coming up. We've been talking about it the whole month of sept and I'm really hoping that it will help Stella in some small way be ready. Stella loved every minute of being outside. We took off our shoes and ran bare foot through the cool grass, raced up a hill and took in the incredible views of Utah Lake. Utah has really grown on me life here is so quaint. There are families everywhere, you always feel safe & it's so clean. It would be a great place to raise a family.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Photo booth

Stella and I in the photo booth at the opening social yesterday. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Stella's 1st swimming lesson. Today she learned how to blow bubbles under the water and float on her back. We have a lot of practicing to do this week in the bathtub ;) it didn't come as naturally to her as I would have thought. 

Later that day I participated in an obstacle course w/ my ward against other members of the stake, it was fun. The first two pics are self explanatory but the last one is me sitting on a balloon. After you finished the course you had to run back to the beginning and blow up a ballon while you are out of breath, challenging to say the least, and sit on it until it popped. So I'm sitting on my ballon trying to pop it, surprisingly it's pretty hard.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Jorge!!!

Jorge and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary today. I can't believe it's only been 4 years it honestly seems like we've been together forever. He is the best husband and father I could have ever asked for.

I just have to tell this story so I went out to sweep our front porch area this afternoon and closed the door and was locked out w/ Stella on the inside. (Family in Ecuador are probably thinking no surprise there ;)so I ran downstairs and my neighbor asks me if it's my birthday i say know its my anniversary and then I said how did you know? she said your car is full of balloons. I said oh I didn't know that. Then she felt bad for ruining the surprise but at that moment I didn't care about it  because I was frantically running around to try and get the master key from the the community aides and then the office which was closing at 5 and it was 4:53. After Stella and I reunited ;) we went to the car and retrieved the balloons. Jorge surprised me by attaching pictures of us throughout our marriage on the end of each balloon w/ a note on the back. I loved it!!!  

This is what happens when you move to a new area and you don't have a babysitter, you have your anniversary dinner out as a family :)